Magellan Space Survey

From the initial stages of project planning and design to land survey and site set out, Magellan Space provide a comprehensive service to ensure your completed project is structurally sound and built.

Our qualified team of civil and construction surveyors work closely with designers, local councils, developers, builders and engineers to guarantee your project is completed to the highest standards.

Our projects range from small scale residential set-out to large industrial/commercial buildings and FIFO projects in Queensland



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Form, Function & emotion are the the base ingredients to create spaces that are distinctive, functional, visionary , unique and special. Our Interior Designers take an individual approach to each client's requirements to create spaces that exceed your wildest visions whilst remaining aesthetically down to earth.

Our goal  is to create interior spaces that embody not only beauty, but strength, character, intelligence and resourcefulness. To create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing for years to come but soul pleasing and resilient to carry out our clients valued investment into the future.

Magellan Space provides Interior Design in Brisbane and all around QLD, our designs are not only distinctive but also sustainable and environmentally friendly with a twist.



Magellan Space Design

We strongly believe that  ideas are powerful elements & tools to lead you to a project where connection between building, space, room, box, material, colour & furniture are important both for client and designer.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful and functional buildings whilst implementing sustainability within every aspect of production raising awareness of implemented building systems that are no longer suitable for our planet. We work alongside and in conjunction with architects, consultants, builders, certifiers and town planners to ensure that all of the requirements of the Building Code of Australia are met throughout the entire process of the project. 


our projects

We design any type of project from designing

  • objects
  • sculptures & installations
  • Interior Spaces
  • Buildings, masterplans and any design that envolve nature