sustainable design

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Hello nature!

Is TIME for you to start working towards that dream home, commercial space renovation or extension? Are you conscious about the impact that decision could have on our environment? Do you want to do your bit in conserving our earth by resorting to environmentally friendly measures?

If so, Magellan Space has all the answers accompanied by the results. A bio-home, environmentally-friendly home or building is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to new build for the environmentally conscious. We also specialise in design for those of you seeking something with a unique flair - Magellan Space team are the building designers of tomorrow.

understanding "sustainability"

During this challenging time with the climate rapidly changing, having a home, a commercial space that is sustainably designed and built makes a world of difference.  At Magellan Space, our mission is to follow all elements, principles and solutions in regard to sustainability when designing new houses whilst keeping our clients interests at the forefront of the project - resulting in dream homes that are healthy for our planet. 

We aim to complete our projects in the most environmentally friendly way possible, from start to finish, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness for our clients. The Magellan Space team follows the fundamental principles of Passive Design and we ensure that the following factors are implemented within our designs at every opportunity; 

design for climate   |   insulation   |   thermal mass   |   energy efficiency   |   embodied energy   |   site analysis


  b e n e f i t s   f o r    y o u

Sustainable design leads to sustainable living - benefiting not only you and your family but many families to come. Sustainable design is a long term solution to many issues that are faced by the Australian community, we focus particularly on;

- Passive solar design to naturally warm and cool your home

- Energy saving measures to ensure your house is cheaper to run 

- Systems enabling water efficiency 

- Responsible selection of materials and resources to ensure minimal air pollution within your home

- green walls & roofs for natural air ventilation


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